Thursday, June 3, 2010

Travel Buddies

On the day we left Key West from Jill's bachelorette extravaganza Becca and I had some time to bond. The other girls all left for the airport at 8am, but Becca and I didn't fly out until that evening. So we walked down to try to eat at this restaurant "Blue Heaven" that everyone raves about for breakfast. The wait was way too long though, so we settled for a place down the street, "Colombian Grace." It turned out to be delicious, fresh Colombian breakfast food. (They serve lunch and dinner as well.)

Our empty plates:
Deck seating...

And they serve the bill in this cool little box!
After our breakfast we did some shopping, talked about life and the pros and cons of natural childbirth (I'm sold), and had a poolside lunch. Finally we left for the airport, flew to Miami, and got stuck there for what seemed like days. I hate Miami International Airport with a passion. At least, I hated the part we were in. There was nothing worthwhile to eat, nowhere to really sit, and no shops! We settled on Pizza Hut (ew) and made some friends while we ate it. Becca met a couple, and I met this guy:

He works overseas for the government doing top secret stuff.
I loved him and asked him a lot of inappropriate questions that he couldn't answer because it was classified information. It was fun.

Becca and I also held our own airport yoga session to help stop the Pizza Hut grease from forming a death grip around our arteries.
People thought we were crazy.
So did my dad when he called and I said I couldn't talk because I was doing yoga at the gate. Notice I even had my ipod dock and an ipod filled with Yogamazing podcasts!
We finally made it home around 1am the next day.

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