Sunday, December 7, 2008


So many angles... so much you could say. I'll just leave you with the photo which, at the moment, I find hilarious.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Such a Fan...

Of Silversun Pickups lately.

Check 'em out.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

White House Organic Farm?

Daniel Bowman Simon (whoever he is) is driving this "double decker" bus around the country to get people to sign a petition so that he can put an organic farm on the White House lawn.

So, I'm pretty sure it'll never happen, but it's a pretty fun way to draw awareness to the benefits of sustainable agriculture. Apparently if it happens, he already has heirloom seeds lined up to be donated that come from Thomas Jefferson's farm.

Oh, and the best part of that bus? He grows veggies up there!

Interested? Check it out at

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mostly It's Our Chi

This weekend I went to DC -- again. But this time, I was joined by all 8 of my best friends from high school. Amanda, you were missed greatly. I got your bday card promising a house out with you and a hipped-out boy. Let me know when you get that situated and I'm there. Come home and bring that Cali sun.

The drive back had me thinking - as driving and running always does - and I realized how extremely blessed I am to have such amazing friends. We have all changed so much, and are in such different places, but we can still come back to each other and be real with one another. I know that's rare. So I needed to pause and recognize it.

And thanks to iPod shuffle and a full battery on the drive home, I will dedicate this to them.

"It took me too long to realize that I don't take good pictures. I have the kind of beauty that moves."

Thursday, November 6, 2008

PC Politics (This entry is for Abbey Smith.)

I like talking about politics at work. Mainly because you’re not supposed to – it’s not politically correct. But it also makes me feel like some sort of secret operative, where I have to search out the people who either agree with me or can hold an intelligent, calm debate while disagreeing. In fact, the latter is more fun. Sadly, I haven’t found too many people like that.

Today I found a new one who agrees with me. I heard Palin’s voice, vomited, and then followed the sound to see who was listening to her. As I turned the corner I saw a certain co-worker, who shall remain nameless, trying so hard to not laugh out loud that his shoulders were shaking. Bingo.

On another note, I no longer enjoy learning about people’s political views via Facebook. This is a new development, as of Tuesday night, where I seriously considered “de-friending people” because of their asinine, uninformed status updates. I don’t even know how to de-friend someone on Facebook, or in real life, for that matter.

But it’s not everyone… just those whose comments read something like this:

“Buy your guns while you can, cuz we’re screwed.”
“I’ve never been so ashamed to be an American” ß that one made me sad.
“We just voted for a baby-killer. Great America.” ß that one made me laugh at it's ridiculousness.
“I’m clinging to my gun and religion and moving to Canada.”

These kinds of comments make me think three things:

1.) What do they really know about the candidates, or even politics in general?
2.) What pulpit did they get that from?
3.) I just lost all respect and am embarrassed for them.

And just to clarify, I have plenty of Republican friends. My father is a Republican.

The kind I don’t understand are the one issue, let’s rule our country based on my religion (even though it was founded for FREEDOM OF RELIGION) kind. If you can speak rationally and intelligently about your views – more power to you, let’s talk.

Statements like those above are the result of people who were duped by fear-mongering, religion, and the inability to look at a larger picture.

But I do have to say, if the election went the other way, I was considering a move abroad – just to avoid Palin sound bites. (Kidding.)


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I pick my friends like I pick my fruit.

So today I turned 24, and after a few years of disappointing birthdays, I wanted to take a moment to recap why this has been one of the best since my 4th grade horseback riding party.

1.) Phillies won the World Series last week.

2.) I went on the free cruise to the Bahamas this past weekend, and had a blast with Jill. (See facebook album for Bud Light craziness.)

3.) I voted in what might possibly be the most influential election of my lifetime.

4.) I voted for the right guy.

5.) HE WON. Obama as President was the only thing I wanted.

(Well, that and a bath pillow. But I think I'm getting that, too.)

6.) I started an Obama chant at the gas station this morning, and got my gas pumped for me after doing so.

7.) I got flowers (x2) at work.

8.) Went to lunch with friends, and sushi with roommates.

9.) This weekend I'll be in DC with the A-team for a crazy reunion celebration.

10.) I can't think of one thing to complain about.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes and the people who've made it special!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Style At Any Age

I hope I am as styling as this lady when I'm her age. Hell, I want to wear that now.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bush's Economy

Careful how you vote on Nov. 4th...

And although today is the last day for PA folks to register, Delaware you have until the 11th. Here's a quick shout out to Abbey (check out her blog listed on the right for the whole video) who posted the celebrity "Register to Vote" commercial. My favorite part is when Sara Silverman says, "You can literally register to vote while pooping... if you have a laptop."

Thursday, August 28, 2008


What do we think about this?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Song

Here's one of my favorite songs/videos for the summer by Santogold, Julian Casablancas, and Pharrell.

Check it out: here

Monday, July 7, 2008

My New Favorite Vonnegut Quote:

"We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down."

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wedding Season

So as it seems this is the time for weddings, consider this when buying your rings.

A Friday in Philly

As some of you may know (and I don't even know who I'm talking to since I don't know who reads this), Haley and I are moving out of our beautiful apartment. Because, yes, it's beautiful with a great locale, but it's pretty damn expensive! Plus, the commute is killing Haley - gas was up to $3.47 yesterday - maybe higher today, I took the train so I don't know.

Anyway, she found a cute little house in North Philly and I'm moving, well, less than a mile away. BUT I know pay half what I was paying and I get a whole house - pictures to come when I finally move in (2 weeks). I'll be living with Courtney, possibly Nina, and this girl Meghan who seems awesome.

So, Friday night Haley and I decided that I needed to see her office and I also decided I should take advantage of some Urban employee discounts. I met her at the office after waiting in traffic on 95 - Phillies game. I couldn't be mad though, they had just pulled out a win on Tuesday when I went for dollar dog night. So I just have to say: Haley has the coolest office. First of all, I felt like taking all I could and running for the hills - there is clothing EVERYWHERE. And it's all way too cute and original. The whole building is in the Naval yard and it's a warehouse... actually, it looks like a fire station. Anyway - it's awesome - ask her for pictures.

So then we go with her co-worker Alex to see her friend's art show. This is where this particular post gets good. So we get there and everyone is dressed all artsy and cute, except me - who just came from working for corporate freakin' America in a purple cotton dress. Thank God I switched from black patent leather heels to red flip flops, at least.

We get in the elevator with a bunch of strangers and ascend to the gallery. Which is hot. And crowded. And most of the people there were a few days overdue for a shower. So we made a beeline for the cheese - this was not the climate for cheese. More like, the climate for the creation of penicillin. I ate it anyway. I really love cheese.

So as I'm kind of stuck by the cheese table and trying to plan my next move to get out of the way, I feel my right lady lump get a little grab-and-go. So I do a quick 180 to see who has just violated me at this sophisticated (not really at all), inspired (I wouldn't know if it was or not), and well attended (this is true, at least in numbers) art showing.

Guess who it was? The wife of old man river. This lady was so old that she had to perform a reach-around on me to get through the crowd. So I let it slide. She was about 3 feet tall (more like 4'5") and had the whole hunchback of Notre Dame thing goin' on. But I checked her out later in the night anyway, just to see if she really needed to use my breast as a walking cane, or if she was just using her age to get away with an unsolicited cop-a-feel. She was grabbing everyone, so I don't feel so special.

So, the art was pretty cool - very strange, which I like because then I feel like I don't have to explain it or pretend I understand it. I like art. All kinds. But I usually don't "get it." I can't talk about it intelligently. So one of the pieces was this snake made out of crystals (the fangs) and black artificial nails (the scales). So what did the artist mean to get across by this? No clue. But it probably took forever to make and that I can appreciate. Plus it was shiny. Ha.

Then Haley and I headed to Urban Outfitters where after trying on a million outfits ( more like 10) I decided I'm too short to wear anything in the store. So I bought a pair of earings.

Disclaimer: To any English major who might read this... so, John, since you're the only one who I think reads this, please excuse all the brackets. I choose to use my poetic license.

Also, John, Write a freakin' update on your blog!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008


Well, Jackie, Nina and I saw Santana last night at the Merriwether Post Pavilion. Santana rocked. Even if he just looked like a big red blob on the screen. Lawn "seats" in the rain - but plenty of room to dance like and idiot. Loved it.

I had to drive back after the concert, got in at 1 a.m., and had to be at work at 7:30am at which time I was expected to run a site visit.

Let's just say I'm exhausted.

But I did stop at my beloved library - tonight I'm watching Chalk

Library Love and Late Fees

I have been frequenting the Wilmington Library quite often lately. It's conveniently located right by the gym, so it's one stop shopping. I thought that it's about time I stop buying books and start borrowing. While most girls seem to spend their money on clothing and jewelry and (while I also love shopping) the place I end up spending way too much money is freakin' So I made a pact that I am not to buy any more books until I read all of the books I've already purchased.

Enter: My crisp, new library card.

To my delightful surprise you can also rent CDs and DVDs! So I've already managed to rack up $6 in late fees... But I also now have Joni Mitchell's "Shine" and Rilo Kiley's "Under the Blacklight." To be honest, I would have been upset if I spent money on either...

But I love the library.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


I just really love Erykah

Who couldn't love "Ms. Badu’s appealingly eccentric neo-soul sex goddess/funky earth mama/black power revolutionary persona?"

Monday, February 25, 2008

Another articfact proving that Thomas is awesome.

Thomas made this.

That is the link to his puzzle/game/riddle that kids at his high school play. They have to figure out all the clues to get the next part of the game... he made the entire thing up - and NO ONE knows that it was him.

Hopefully none of them will ever find my blog because if they do - his cover has been blown.

Friday, February 22, 2008


I would like one of these... but I think my purchase of such an item might ensure my ticket through those fiery gates. (I'm not to clear on the whole blasphemy rules.) In any case, let's hope laughing at this won't mean the same.

Nanotechnology is from the Devil?

Thomas and I found this beaut in the WSJ today.
Nanotechnology is Morally Unacceptable.

Brief Description (The Lede) If you don’t have a super-fast, super-small computer in a few years, blame the moral majority. It turns out that most Americans find nanotechnology, the scientific field most likely to produce such a breakthrough, morally unacceptable.

Makes me like this little phrase my brother showed me. It goes like this:
"I don't have a problem with God, it's his fan club I can't stand."

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You Tube Children

I like the YouTube videos where the children are actually hilarious, and not just on there because their adoring parents thought so...

This is one of my new favorites.

If you have any other good ones, please share.
I already love: "Charlie Bit My Finger," "The Youngest Hey Jude," "Afraid of her own shadow," and "laughing baby."

If you don't know any of these, check them out. You won't be disappointed.

But really - tell me if you know any other gems.

Backlog... Thomas' Visit 2 weeks ago

So anyone who knows me, knows that my 16-year old brother is my favorite person in the world. He is cooler than the coolest person you know. And most likely smarter, too. And now he takes photos with his new fancy camera.
Check 'em out:

My street.

The artist himself (and the dog).


My herb garden... it was cheaper to buy different bowls and coffee mugs than actual pots.

My favorite: Basil.

My Creative Roommate

Check out Haley's new online store!
She's making super cool, super useful sustainable bags. And keep checking Haley’s Etsy Shop. because she's still making 'em!

Manicures with my Man.

So Alex visited this weekend. We skied, ate a birthday cake, saw "No Country For Old Men," and then we did something we've never done before. It went something like this:

Alex: Man, my cuticles are really bad.

Me: Oh, yeah, sorry I don't have anything for that.

Alex: Do you want to get manicures?

Me: Do you?

Alex: Sure.

Me: Uh... alright.

Alex: Do you know any places?

Me: No... I've never had a manicure before.

Alex: REALLY? I got one in Iraq.

So, he was fighting in a war, but he made sure his nail beds were clean and tidy while loading his AK-47.

God Bless America.

Lunar Eclipse

A fitting song for such an event...

I Like Giants.

"When I go for a drive I like to pull off to the side
Of the road, turn out the lights, get out and look up at the sky.
And I do this to remind me that I'm really, really tiny
In the grand scheme of things and sometimes this terrifies me.

But it's only really scary cause it makes me feel serene
In a way I never thought I'd be because I've never been
So grounded, and so humbled, and so one with everything
I am grounded, I am humbled, I am one with everything..."
-Kimya Dawson

She's rocking. Happy Lunar Eclipse to my oh-so-few readers.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dancing in the Board Room

So, again , I wrote this post about a month ago. January 8th, actually. See, I write these posts in Word Docs and then never actually post... stupid.

So anyway, this happened about a month ago. I walked into our “Presentation Room” to collect my department's laptop from an earlier meeting. I was alone so I was singing Stevie Wonder's "Everything Is Alright" and dancing around (as I so often do). So I'm dancing as I'm turning the laptop off and packing it all up and a voice comes booming out of the ceiling asking me to “Please turn that back on.”

I replied, "What the hell?" while turning in circles to ensure that I truly was alone. (Very Professional.) This is when I realized that the video conferencing was still turned on. I fumbled to turn the equipment back on and shyly ask, "Can you see me?" And, of course, they could. They saw it all. The singing, the dancing, the first true Kendra humiliation of '08. So I turned on my video conferencing, and there is our IT Senior Director and someone other guy, in suits, sitting at a table in another room, staring back at me from the screen. So unless they enjoyed my Stevie Wonder impression, which most of you know could not be possible with the set of pipes I've got on me, I have a feeling it was not the most best impression to make.

I made it to the 8th of January before doing something stupid - I think that's progress from last year.

In honor of this moment, I have made that song my all around ring tone.

Dodgeball League

One miserable Saturday morning Haley and I dragged ourselves out of bed at 7:30 to get the most of our YMCA memberships. I had been bragging about how great this particular class was that I had been attending on Wednesdays and when I found out it was offered on Saturday too, we decided to go.

Big Mistake. We did about 300 push-ups within the hour (and you might think I’m exaggerating, but I am absolutely not). We ran stairs for a full half hour, we jumped rope, we ran while holding 20lbs above our head… we killed ourselves. And I’m sure Haley wanted to kill me. Please be warned. There is a different teacher for this class on Saturdays. DO NOT ATTEND ON SATURDAYS.

However, some good came from it. One of the other unfortunate victims of the class introduced herself to me and Haley. Her name's Molly. We hadn’t talked since the class when out of the blue, Molly called me and asked if I’d like to join a Dodgeball league. Of course this needed no thought on my part and I immediately accepted the invitation.

I am an official team member of the Delaware Sports League. Cosmos Dodgeball Team – and proud of it.

On our first game (which at the time of this posting was about 2 months ago) Molly couldn’t make it – but I didn’t know this prior to showing up in the gym filled with at least 50 people. After searching the faces I realized she wasn’t there. Problem: I knew NO other players on my team. Finally I got a girl with a clipboard and she pointed me in the right direction. The girls on my team are incredibly fun and friendly – so that’s perfect (again, the point here is to make friends… man, I’m starting to sound desperate, huh?).

So I explain to my team that I’ve not played since elementary school, but they were fine with that. This is how it works: Each pairing of teams plays 11 games, alternating between girls games and guys games for 10. The eleventh game is a co-ed game, with a max of 3 guys per team.

I was the second person out in the first game, but picked it up from then on. It was the most fun I’ve had in Wilmington so far. It was also a little scary. The girls on the opposing team were a lot stronger. I’d put money on the fact that they were softball players or throwers. But the guys – all around, were the real scary part. Just hearing the balls hit other people made me wince.

Well guess who got picked to be one of the two girls for the co-ed game. Yep, me.

So I was just running around terrified, making very little effort to catch or throw – I was just trying to not get whammed by one of the guys’ throws. Before I knew it, I was the last person left on my team, and I was terrified. All I could imagine was getting hit in my giant schnoz and crying on my first night in a roomful of strangers. (Not that similar experiences haven’t already happened to me – my nose and I have been through quiet a lot.)

I am now forced to throw and catch, and it’s me verses one very strong girl, and one hard hitting guy. I’m trying to act like it was my plan to be the last one the whole time, but I’m actually having a panic attack internally. This is when the girl steps backward on a ball and breaks her ankle. Game over.

And I shouldn’t have been so happy about that kind of an ending.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Boston Redeems Herself.

First of all, I promise this blog won’t turn into a dog saga… but this is a pretty good story, so just keep reading.

After a delightful few days with my sister who visited for Christmas cookie making, shopping, and good ol’ fashioned sister bonding, I was walking the dog around 6pm on a Saturday night, feeling lonely and planning out the night in my head. That Saturday’s plan went something like this:

-walk dog
-eat remaining cookies (while missing Barrett and wishing I had friends)

So as I turn the corner on the end of the walk I notice an elf and three Santas sitting on the sofa in a of neighbor’s house. Suddenly, the elf comes outside and offers me a beer. I politely decline and he tells me I should just come in and say “hi.” I again refuse the offer, as it’s against my better judgment to enter a stranger’s house with four, albeit festively dressed, guys. But then a girl comes to the door and repeats the offer. For a third time I refuse, but when I reach the end of the block I review the above list in my head and decide, “Why the heck not?” So, I turn around and march back to their house, because I really had to know why they were dressed like elves and Santas.

Turned out they were headed on the Santa loop, and they invited me along. I refused a couple times but they eventually convinced me and told me to bring a friend. So, I ran back home calling the 4 people that I knew were around, and to no avail. When I called Bianca (the aforementioned girl) and told her I wasn’t coming because I felt weird without knowing anyone. Well, long story short – she convinced me to go on the Santa loop with a bus full of strangers. I went, and I had a blast, and I got a free Santa hat. So I guess Boston does help make friends.

If you’d like to see the recap of the night, (and watch me being awkward with new friends) check out this link.

Note: I hung out with the reindeer a lot that night too.

Side Note: A month later I received an email from my old boss and Out and About Magazine saying that he saw me on the video and would I like to start freelancing?

Answer: Absolutely I would.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Man’s Best Friend.

When my mom forced my brother to give up his little terrier, Boston, I volunteered to adopt. Not only is she housebroken, adorable, and not prone to annoying, incessant barking, but I had the grandiose idea that she would help me make friends with all the 20-somethings in my neighborhood. I had enviously watched them chatting while their dog’s kindly sniffed each other’s butts. Now, I too would have a butt sniffing dog and would instantly make friends, especially since she needs to be walked three times a day (the perils of not having a yard).

Week One: I met a 50-something year old man who told me all about his terrier that just died and then proceeded to join me on my walk. Which, by the way, was almost over, but I had to continue walking around the neighborhood because I didn’t necessarily wanting this guy to see where I lived. Fast forward to 20 minutes later, I’ve finally lost the guy, but have now missed my fitness class at, my new favorite, the Central YMCA.

Week Two: I take Boston on a new route to explore different parts of my adorable neighborhood and come across a little play ground surrounded by a fence. As I walk along the fence watching the kids and their moms, some of the kids run over to the fence – but are now hidden from their mothers by the shrubbery (cleverly placed to hide the fence… but only from the people IN the park). So as the children ask me “is it a him or a her?” and if she likes apples or goldfish crackers because they’d be glad to share, I was imagining an irate mother running over and accusing me of trying to kidnap her little cherub.

Week Three: We venture across the street to the Healthy Dog, Happy Dog store. This is a gourmet, all natural, all organic, bog bakery. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. And I agree. But I admit, I have to stop myself from taking a taste because their liver and beef cookies just LOOK so good. Anyway, it has since become Boston’s favorite place – and mine too, because they give me free advice and save me from paying the exorbitant vet fees. But I digress. On our way out of our first doggie store visit (now loaded with $10 worth of holistic doggie goodness) we meet Boston’s boyfriend – Roo. He’s a blonde terrier, who is so well trained that Fred (owner) doesn’t need a leash. This is certainly not the case with Boston. And if I didn’t know better, I might suggest that she’s suicidal, based on her proclivity to jump out in the middle of the street without warning.

Here I should mention that Boston is a snob and a sissy who suffers from the Napoleon complex. She will fight to the death and bark her little head off at a rottweiler or a Boxer, but when a hot-dog dog or a chiwawa walks by, she whimpers and hides behind my legs. The real problem here is: my dog hates other dogs. This means I have to run away from other dog owners, hence, I have made no friends with dogs.

But, for some reason, she likes this Roo character. They sniff each other and run around peeing on the same trees. It’s true love. Too bad Roo’s owner is a 40-something year old man. And to clarify: I’m not in the market for twice-my-age male friends.

Plan “Boston Makes Kendra Friends”: Backfired.