Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dancing in the Board Room

So, again , I wrote this post about a month ago. January 8th, actually. See, I write these posts in Word Docs and then never actually post... stupid.

So anyway, this happened about a month ago. I walked into our “Presentation Room” to collect my department's laptop from an earlier meeting. I was alone so I was singing Stevie Wonder's "Everything Is Alright" and dancing around (as I so often do). So I'm dancing as I'm turning the laptop off and packing it all up and a voice comes booming out of the ceiling asking me to “Please turn that back on.”

I replied, "What the hell?" while turning in circles to ensure that I truly was alone. (Very Professional.) This is when I realized that the video conferencing was still turned on. I fumbled to turn the equipment back on and shyly ask, "Can you see me?" And, of course, they could. They saw it all. The singing, the dancing, the first true Kendra humiliation of '08. So I turned on my video conferencing, and there is our IT Senior Director and someone other guy, in suits, sitting at a table in another room, staring back at me from the screen. So unless they enjoyed my Stevie Wonder impression, which most of you know could not be possible with the set of pipes I've got on me, I have a feeling it was not the most best impression to make.

I made it to the 8th of January before doing something stupid - I think that's progress from last year.

In honor of this moment, I have made that song my all around ring tone.

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