Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fashion is Bullshit. But it is fun.

So in a few different avenues I've recently ended up in conversations about fashion, clothing, and the stupid things that women (have to?) do for fashion. Heels, waxing, hair color, going into debt for the latest style, etc. Not that I'm not guilty of a few of those. I have come to the conclusion that fashion is inherently shallow (not exactly ground breaking, I think most people feel this way). But I realized that I really do negatively judge people who are all about what they're wearing, who designed what, and what the latest trend is. That being said, I think with a healthy balance, fashion can be fun. Then there is the whole angle of how obsessed our culture is with fashion... that might be where the real harm is done...
But the whole reason I am even posting about this is because I think this song by David Bazan is a good representation of how ridiculous it can get. And I really like David, so an excuse to post one of his songs is reason enough for me.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Green Design

While I was working on the trivia questions for CIEB's Earth Day "celebration" (which I am in charge of) I was poking around on one of my favorite sites, www.Treehugger.com and I fell in love with these Armadiature cupboards by Renzivivian.
It's made up of old discarded furniture and recycled into a beautiful high end piece of furniture. I wonder if I could make one...

Click here if you want to see the whole slide show of green design.

HIV/AIDS and Beer.

Last night I volunteered at the Delaware HIV Consortium's WOW Award Gala. This was my second year and certainly not my last. My friend John works for the consortium and essentially plans and runs the whole event. Each year is themed, and this year the idea was that you were in the plane on the way to Vegas. John thought of every detail. The volunteers dressed like flight attendants, people were passing out the airplane peanuts, there were red flamingos as center pieces, craps and roulette, and the best part: there was THE BEST Frank Sinatra impersonator singing all night. I mean this guy was so good, it sounded exactly like old blue eyes himself. ANYWAY, after I volunteered for a few hours, I was able to partake in the event as a guest and helped myself to plenty of sushi and a few tastes of the Moores Brother's wine. Yum. Afterward, all the volunteers decided to go to Logan House to hear Spokey Speaky. Well one of the guys (forgot his name already) had a Dinkel Acker shirt on! Loved it so much that I ordered one online today for myself, after I googled it and found out it's a German brewery.

Ridiculous Requests

The other night Brad and I were talking about gift giving and I was telling him how I think it's ridiculous when girls expect their boyfriends to buy them things like David Yurman jewelry or really anything that costs hundreds of dollars. I also said that if he is going to spend that kind of money, I would like a plane ticket to somewhere I have never been. HOWEVER. I found one thing that is now making me eat my words. I want this.

The Garmin Forerunner. I know it sounds ridiculous to spend $300 on a running watch, but this thing is amazing. It wirelessly tracks your mileage, speed, heart rate, and records your course! So cool.

However, so as to not go back on my word, I think I will just save up and buy it for myself... although I will probably end up buying a few more plane tickets first...

One thing I am going to buy ASAP the new North Face Refraction Jacket. It keeps you warm in cold weather and breathes enough to wear it in hot weather (only needed when it's raining). It's waterproof, blocks wind, and has reflectors on it for my night runs. Only $100! I think I found it for $60 online though. I will report back after I try it out.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gold Peak Iced Tea

Dear Gold Peak Unsweetened Iced Tea,

Thank you for your fresh brewed flavor, your caffeine providing qualities, and the fact that you are zero calories. I love you.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I love...

I've had a pretty rough week or two at work, which has made me pretty negative. And I am still noticing all the great things happening to me and to those around me, but somehow I'm so much more vocal about the negative. SO I'm returning to an old favorite, listing some recent things that

I love....

...warm days, wearing flops to walk the dog, and fresh, cheaper fruit.
...that my sister is almost out of college and moving to PHILLY! Just a 30 min drive away.
...old friends, new friends, friends I've been counting as "transitional" friends, and the recent realization that they too, are my real friends.
...baseball season! (PHILLIES!)
...that I have lived without cable for about three months now and am surviving just fine.
...eating fresh basil, and growing fresh basil in my windowsill.
...skype - because I can talk to my "Canadian" brother.
...waking up early, and not getting out of bed until at least an hour later.
...OR morning runs, morning yoga, morning dog walks.... MORNINGS.
...Mary's on Lincoln and Shallcross (She not only now knows me by name, but the name of my dog, my mother, my sister and my boyfriend.)
...growing up but still feeling (acting) like a kid.
...James Brown dance parties with my siblings and cousins.
...my siblings and cousins.
...wedding/bachelorette/bridal shower planning for amazing friends.
...google.com ; I can live without TV, sure, but google? Not so sure...
...that I'm 25 and still have no idea how my life will end up, that I have nothing planned, and the fact that rather than scaring me, that excites the hell out of me.