Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I love...

I've had a pretty rough week or two at work, which has made me pretty negative. And I am still noticing all the great things happening to me and to those around me, but somehow I'm so much more vocal about the negative. SO I'm returning to an old favorite, listing some recent things that

I love....

...warm days, wearing flops to walk the dog, and fresh, cheaper fruit.
...that my sister is almost out of college and moving to PHILLY! Just a 30 min drive away.
...old friends, new friends, friends I've been counting as "transitional" friends, and the recent realization that they too, are my real friends. season! (PHILLIES!)
...that I have lived without cable for about three months now and am surviving just fine.
...eating fresh basil, and growing fresh basil in my windowsill. - because I can talk to my "Canadian" brother.
...waking up early, and not getting out of bed until at least an hour later.
...OR morning runs, morning yoga, morning dog walks.... MORNINGS.
...Mary's on Lincoln and Shallcross (She not only now knows me by name, but the name of my dog, my mother, my sister and my boyfriend.)
...growing up but still feeling (acting) like a kid.
...James Brown dance parties with my siblings and cousins. siblings and cousins. shower planning for amazing friends. ; I can live without TV, sure, but google? Not so sure...
...that I'm 25 and still have no idea how my life will end up, that I have nothing planned, and the fact that rather than scaring me, that excites the hell out of me.

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