Sunday, April 18, 2010

HIV/AIDS and Beer.

Last night I volunteered at the Delaware HIV Consortium's WOW Award Gala. This was my second year and certainly not my last. My friend John works for the consortium and essentially plans and runs the whole event. Each year is themed, and this year the idea was that you were in the plane on the way to Vegas. John thought of every detail. The volunteers dressed like flight attendants, people were passing out the airplane peanuts, there were red flamingos as center pieces, craps and roulette, and the best part: there was THE BEST Frank Sinatra impersonator singing all night. I mean this guy was so good, it sounded exactly like old blue eyes himself. ANYWAY, after I volunteered for a few hours, I was able to partake in the event as a guest and helped myself to plenty of sushi and a few tastes of the Moores Brother's wine. Yum. Afterward, all the volunteers decided to go to Logan House to hear Spokey Speaky. Well one of the guys (forgot his name already) had a Dinkel Acker shirt on! Loved it so much that I ordered one online today for myself, after I googled it and found out it's a German brewery.

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Mike said...

Both Spokey Speaky and Dinkel Acker rock!