Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fashion is Bullshit. But it is fun.

So in a few different avenues I've recently ended up in conversations about fashion, clothing, and the stupid things that women (have to?) do for fashion. Heels, waxing, hair color, going into debt for the latest style, etc. Not that I'm not guilty of a few of those. I have come to the conclusion that fashion is inherently shallow (not exactly ground breaking, I think most people feel this way). But I realized that I really do negatively judge people who are all about what they're wearing, who designed what, and what the latest trend is. That being said, I think with a healthy balance, fashion can be fun. Then there is the whole angle of how obsessed our culture is with fashion... that might be where the real harm is done...
But the whole reason I am even posting about this is because I think this song by David Bazan is a good representation of how ridiculous it can get. And I really like David, so an excuse to post one of his songs is reason enough for me.

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