Thursday, November 6, 2008

PC Politics (This entry is for Abbey Smith.)

I like talking about politics at work. Mainly because you’re not supposed to – it’s not politically correct. But it also makes me feel like some sort of secret operative, where I have to search out the people who either agree with me or can hold an intelligent, calm debate while disagreeing. In fact, the latter is more fun. Sadly, I haven’t found too many people like that.

Today I found a new one who agrees with me. I heard Palin’s voice, vomited, and then followed the sound to see who was listening to her. As I turned the corner I saw a certain co-worker, who shall remain nameless, trying so hard to not laugh out loud that his shoulders were shaking. Bingo.

On another note, I no longer enjoy learning about people’s political views via Facebook. This is a new development, as of Tuesday night, where I seriously considered “de-friending people” because of their asinine, uninformed status updates. I don’t even know how to de-friend someone on Facebook, or in real life, for that matter.

But it’s not everyone… just those whose comments read something like this:

“Buy your guns while you can, cuz we’re screwed.”
“I’ve never been so ashamed to be an American” ß that one made me sad.
“We just voted for a baby-killer. Great America.” ß that one made me laugh at it's ridiculousness.
“I’m clinging to my gun and religion and moving to Canada.”

These kinds of comments make me think three things:

1.) What do they really know about the candidates, or even politics in general?
2.) What pulpit did they get that from?
3.) I just lost all respect and am embarrassed for them.

And just to clarify, I have plenty of Republican friends. My father is a Republican.

The kind I don’t understand are the one issue, let’s rule our country based on my religion (even though it was founded for FREEDOM OF RELIGION) kind. If you can speak rationally and intelligently about your views – more power to you, let’s talk.

Statements like those above are the result of people who were duped by fear-mongering, religion, and the inability to look at a larger picture.

But I do have to say, if the election went the other way, I was considering a move abroad – just to avoid Palin sound bites. (Kidding.)



abbey said...

why thank you my dear friend:) it's always refreshing to hear an informed voice express political sentiments in a rational way- that has been a tough thing to come by in the 2008 campaign.

i fully agree with you regarding election responses via facebook status. i have been completely annoyed and frustrated by some of the most inane posts. it definitely makes me think twice about ANYTHING that i post in my status box from now on.

i think my favorite status' were:

"hillary jones is afraid for the babies"

and when a conservative mccain supporter said...

"deb smith has never been more ashamed to be an american- anyone want to move to canada?" (what a dumbass)

whatever. in the end, the best candidate won. cheers!

Tom said...

4). Do they understand that Canada is a socialist country that supports gay marriage?

Kendra said...

Tom... this is why I love you.

You, at 17, know more than grown, college educated adults who are allowed to vote. You make a case for age not being the qualifier.