Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Friday in Philly

As some of you may know (and I don't even know who I'm talking to since I don't know who reads this), Haley and I are moving out of our beautiful apartment. Because, yes, it's beautiful with a great locale, but it's pretty damn expensive! Plus, the commute is killing Haley - gas was up to $3.47 yesterday - maybe higher today, I took the train so I don't know.

Anyway, she found a cute little house in North Philly and I'm moving, well, less than a mile away. BUT I know pay half what I was paying and I get a whole house - pictures to come when I finally move in (2 weeks). I'll be living with Courtney, possibly Nina, and this girl Meghan who seems awesome.

So, Friday night Haley and I decided that I needed to see her office and I also decided I should take advantage of some Urban employee discounts. I met her at the office after waiting in traffic on 95 - Phillies game. I couldn't be mad though, they had just pulled out a win on Tuesday when I went for dollar dog night. So I just have to say: Haley has the coolest office. First of all, I felt like taking all I could and running for the hills - there is clothing EVERYWHERE. And it's all way too cute and original. The whole building is in the Naval yard and it's a warehouse... actually, it looks like a fire station. Anyway - it's awesome - ask her for pictures.

So then we go with her co-worker Alex to see her friend's art show. This is where this particular post gets good. So we get there and everyone is dressed all artsy and cute, except me - who just came from working for corporate freakin' America in a purple cotton dress. Thank God I switched from black patent leather heels to red flip flops, at least.

We get in the elevator with a bunch of strangers and ascend to the gallery. Which is hot. And crowded. And most of the people there were a few days overdue for a shower. So we made a beeline for the cheese - this was not the climate for cheese. More like, the climate for the creation of penicillin. I ate it anyway. I really love cheese.

So as I'm kind of stuck by the cheese table and trying to plan my next move to get out of the way, I feel my right lady lump get a little grab-and-go. So I do a quick 180 to see who has just violated me at this sophisticated (not really at all), inspired (I wouldn't know if it was or not), and well attended (this is true, at least in numbers) art showing.

Guess who it was? The wife of old man river. This lady was so old that she had to perform a reach-around on me to get through the crowd. So I let it slide. She was about 3 feet tall (more like 4'5") and had the whole hunchback of Notre Dame thing goin' on. But I checked her out later in the night anyway, just to see if she really needed to use my breast as a walking cane, or if she was just using her age to get away with an unsolicited cop-a-feel. She was grabbing everyone, so I don't feel so special.

So, the art was pretty cool - very strange, which I like because then I feel like I don't have to explain it or pretend I understand it. I like art. All kinds. But I usually don't "get it." I can't talk about it intelligently. So one of the pieces was this snake made out of crystals (the fangs) and black artificial nails (the scales). So what did the artist mean to get across by this? No clue. But it probably took forever to make and that I can appreciate. Plus it was shiny. Ha.

Then Haley and I headed to Urban Outfitters where after trying on a million outfits ( more like 10) I decided I'm too short to wear anything in the store. So I bought a pair of earings.

Disclaimer: To any English major who might read this... so, John, since you're the only one who I think reads this, please excuse all the brackets. I choose to use my poetic license.

Also, John, Write a freakin' update on your blog!


abbey said...

i love that you were groped by old lady river... and i appreciate your writing style, way to take advantage of "PL"...and john isn't the only one who reads your blog...

post pics of the house please:)

Tom said...

Yeah, I read it too.