Thursday, January 10, 2008

Boston Redeems Herself.

First of all, I promise this blog won’t turn into a dog saga… but this is a pretty good story, so just keep reading.

After a delightful few days with my sister who visited for Christmas cookie making, shopping, and good ol’ fashioned sister bonding, I was walking the dog around 6pm on a Saturday night, feeling lonely and planning out the night in my head. That Saturday’s plan went something like this:

-walk dog
-eat remaining cookies (while missing Barrett and wishing I had friends)

So as I turn the corner on the end of the walk I notice an elf and three Santas sitting on the sofa in a of neighbor’s house. Suddenly, the elf comes outside and offers me a beer. I politely decline and he tells me I should just come in and say “hi.” I again refuse the offer, as it’s against my better judgment to enter a stranger’s house with four, albeit festively dressed, guys. But then a girl comes to the door and repeats the offer. For a third time I refuse, but when I reach the end of the block I review the above list in my head and decide, “Why the heck not?” So, I turn around and march back to their house, because I really had to know why they were dressed like elves and Santas.

Turned out they were headed on the Santa loop, and they invited me along. I refused a couple times but they eventually convinced me and told me to bring a friend. So, I ran back home calling the 4 people that I knew were around, and to no avail. When I called Bianca (the aforementioned girl) and told her I wasn’t coming because I felt weird without knowing anyone. Well, long story short – she convinced me to go on the Santa loop with a bus full of strangers. I went, and I had a blast, and I got a free Santa hat. So I guess Boston does help make friends.

If you’d like to see the recap of the night, (and watch me being awkward with new friends) check out this link.

Note: I hung out with the reindeer a lot that night too.

Side Note: A month later I received an email from my old boss and Out and About Magazine saying that he saw me on the video and would I like to start freelancing?

Answer: Absolutely I would.

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