Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bachelorettes, Detour Signs, and Breast Pumps

A little over a month ago my friend Jill (my first real friend in Wilmington)and eight of her closest friends and female family members took a trip to Key West, Florida for her bachelorette party. Boy was it a party. Most of the extended weekend's events cannot (should not) be documented. But there are a few choice stories I would like to share.

1.) Breast Pumps. I was made to promise by Lauren (see her blog on right - Lauren and Julia) that if I did this certain thing, I would blog about it. So here it goes. Now, to really understand why there were even breast pumps involved in a bachelorette I should explain that Becca and Lauren both have new babies. They're both still pumping and apparently if you stop, the milk stops coming. So they had to "pump and dump" multiple times a day. I learned a lot about having kids that weekend. I know that I want a natural birth, and that I am nowhere near ready to actually have a baby yet!

Here's a picture of the moms:

Lauren is on the left, Becca on the right.

So after one of the crazy nights we went back to the room and the moms needed to pump. And then a few of us non-moms decided (after a night of drinking, obviously) that we wanted to try it. Let's just say that I did NOT like it, and I am NOT looking forward to feeding a kid via boob. Or via machine that was once on my boob. It's painful and scary.

I have a newfound respect for Becca and Lauren.

Other weekend activities included a bar scavenger hunt, laying at the pool, pin the junk on the hunk (where we ended up taking fun pictures of the "junk" - not to be posted here), and a nice sunset booze cruise.

Me and Kristen on the boat.

2.) Naked Statues. Right next to our hotel (The Westin) was a museum that had a bunch of giant, naked, dancing statues. Underneath them all was this guy, staring up at them. It was beyond bizarre. We took some great pictures with them, again, not to be posted here.

This is the creeper statue:

3.) Detour Signs. On the last night, most of the girls went to bed and then Jill, Lauren and Kristen ended up in a bar called "Hog's Breath." I thought I was tired and wanted to go to bed, until I decided it was time to dance! I ran out and met up with them where we proceeded to nickname the bartender "Thunderstrike," dance to the cover band, and steal a detour sign.

This is Jill in her Scavenger hunt T-shirt, attempt number one at stealing the sign:

It took all four of us, but we got that thing about 5 blocks back to, you guessed it, the statues:

Definitely one of the most fun bachelorette parties I've had so far!

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