Tuesday, June 15, 2010

30 Facebook-Free Days

I feel like every few months or so I say that I'm additcted to Facebook and need to stop going on so much. I also feel like that has only lasted 3 days at the longest (not counting the times that I'm out of the country and physically can't get on). SO this time I had my little brother change my password. He's not allowed to tell me the password until July14th.

So how did my first day go?

After work I went to my kickball game, hung out with the team for dinner, came home to my empty apartement where I took a bath and read, did a yoga DVD on mute with Cat Power playing in the background, and literally just sat on the couch drinking tea. It was relaxing and much needed! Besides the time I wasted checking facebook, I think I also was clogging my head. I was thinking about things I read or people who posted, rather than focusing on what I was doing, or being in the moment. I think this will be a very refreshing 30 days.
I'm now on day four, and I still don't miss it.

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