Friday, June 18, 2010

B+ 5K

Yesterday I ran the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation for Pediatric Cancer Research's 5K race on SavannahStrong's team. SavannahStrong is an phrase created when Savannah Pauley was diagnosed with bone cancer in August 2008. Savannah passed away last September, but her memory and spirit live on through SavannahStrong. Jill and her family were the ones who introduced me to the group. I did some research and found out that while this little 10 year-old had cancer, she also raised over $6,500 for the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation and raised $1,000 by asking for donations in lieu of gifts for her 10th birthday. She was quite an impressive little girl.

The race brought in over 2,300 runners and $110,000 for the B+ Foundation! It was perfect weather (sunny but not too hot) and a pretty decent course with a killer hill at about 2.5 miles. I clocked in at 22:36. I haven't run a race since college, and after having so much fun yesterday, I am ready to sign up for many more.

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