Monday, February 9, 2009

New Resolve... Easy Start.

At the prodding of Abbey Smith (see her blog, link to the right) I have decided to actually write on my blog with some sort of frequency. Mainly because I know only six people read it, but also because lately I've been thinking "in blog." You who blog know that this means when something happens or you think of something (or for Tim, when you find a lost archive of a song) you think, "Oooh I should blog about that!" If you don't think like that - please spare me the comments. It will just ruin my new resolve. ha.

Ok, that said, I'm going to start slow and easy with a playlist. Cop-out, I know. But I actually wish more people did this. (So bloggers, do this!)

So here is my newest "long run" playlist. It got me through my first (known) 9-miler. (I just started using a pedometer... More on this in the next blog.)

1.) "Wraith Pinned to the MIst and Other Games," Of Montreal
2.) "Glase Danse," The Faint
3.) "Cheated Hearts, " Yeah Yeah Yeahs
4.) "Lover I Don't Have to Love," Bright Eyes
5.) "Disappear," The Faint
6.) "Monster Hospital," Metric
7.) "Still In Love," The Stills
8.) "Young Bridge," Land of Talk
9.) "Legionnaire's Lament," The Decemberists (Purely love the word choice here)
10.)"Blacking Out The Friction," Death Cab
11.)"Scythian Empires," Andrew Bird
12.)"Rubidoux," Cold War Kids
13.)"Me and Mia," Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
14.)"Heretics," Andrew Bird
15.)"Dream at Tempo 119," Silversun Pickups
16.)"Speak For Me," Cat Power
17.)"Witches' Rave," Jeff Buckley
18.)"Cicatriz ESP," The Mars Volta
19.)"Noah's Ark," Cocorosie
20.)"Joga," Bjork
21.)"Organs on the Kitchen Floor," The Jealous Girlfriends

So depending on your speed that won't get you all that far, but I find The Faint albums on repeat make for a pretty great time, as well.

Happy Running/Listening/Downloading!


Timmy said...

how much of that playlist did i give you? my memory is failing. also if you want new music let me know...

Kendra said...

I'm gonna go ahead and estimate at least 30%! And YES I would love new music!

I bought two Land of Talk albums because of your blog a few months ago. :-)