Monday, February 15, 2010

Why I am beginning to hate Facebook and am loving blogs instead.

1.) Some of my coolest friends blog.
2.) Most people I don't like, don't blog and are therefore easily avoidable. (Un-stalkable.)
3.) I "hid" particular people for various reasons, but Facebook has put them back on my "News Feed." Now these people that I was trying to be mature and cyber-avoid without un-friending are all over my homepage again. I feel as though they are cyber stalking me when I see who they are talking to.
4.) I recognize the second part of reason #3 is insane.
5.) I think I'm addicted. Ever since I found mobile facebook I can't stop.
6.) So I AGAIN return to the blogging world (where only a handful of people know I exist) and hope that I can avoid facebook without putting a hold on my account.

7.) I may still send some mobile pictures though...

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