Sunday, October 28, 2007

Celebrate Your Youth

Every now and then I like to list the things that remind me how excited I am to be alive.

I love sitting on my roof with good friends. I love potlucks. I love Nina and our conversations that intensify over a bottle of wine.

I love fall, crisp air, crunchy leaves. I love Haley's Urban discount. I love Haley.

I love Cilantro salad dressing and hot showers.

I love memories of summer with Shannon in NC.

I love being able to walk everywhere in my neighborhood. I love that I can take my dog into the video store across the street. I love that Jackie planned ahead for my birthday - and that I get to finally see Zap Mama in concert.

I love that Alex is almost done with the army. I love that Bush is almost out of office.

I love that I go to a church where I can wrap my hair and wear jeans to - and I'm not the only one.

I love that my sister is living in Costa Rica next semester. I love that I get to visit her.
I love that my brother is 16 and way beyond his age. And way beyond people my age.
I love that my mom is crazy and because of that, so am I.
I love that my dad is practical, and that I got a little of that, too.

I love my life.


Tom said...

Hey Lady, Come Back!

ScaryGrandpa said...

I love almost everything there is to do with food, but I HATE cilantro. I mean I really despise it with every portion of my (non-existent) soul.